Innovating Private Capital


We believe the future of finance relies on the independent model to bring absolute objectivity, discipline and flexibility for the LP community. Given the significant capital raises done by traditional private equity firms, we view the total amount of ‘dry powder’ across the capital spectrum provides fertile opportunity for an independent sponsor to scale deal vs. return economics.

Our primary and sole mission is to combine global LP reach towards unique industry opportunities where niche economics and operational scale intersect. As a firm, we aim to become the largest independent sponsor firm, applying our investment model towards various industries spanning US and Greater China.

We strive to build a strong LP network that encompasses family offices, traditional private equity firms, private credit funds, etc., to ensure a flexible yet trustworthy capital network to facilitate opportunistic transactions.


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Industry Focus: Highly Specialized Approach


We offer our LP relationships with immense flexibility across select industries. In leveraging our CEO networks, traditional private equity relationships, our firm is able to formulate industry investment thesis through a highly specialized competency. This flexibility to enter into an industry through a highly specialized perspective enables our firm to be competitive in sourcing proprietary transaction opportunities. Combined with the flexible LP model we employ, we are able to be tactical and hyper-focused on formulating unique return economics for our investors.


Proprietary Gemini System

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Traditional independent sponsors seek a flexible capital model to engage in buyout opportunities, often without any strategic assets to bring synergies. BlackCrown differentiates by leveraging our GEMINI system to deliver proprietary management analytics, and front office CRM capabilities for our portfolio companies. This helps drive revenue and minimize operational hurdles for our management teams.


Value Focused Approach

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We consider our approach towards buyouts and overall transaction opportunities, on behalf of our LPs, as direct value investing. We value industries from the perspective of “best dominant niche” while keeping our discipline surrounding industry economics that offers our investment thesis the best possible odds of success (and above average returns).