The Independent Sponsor Firm

We believe an independent approach to capital yield the best return for LP’s going forward. As an independent sponsor, BlackCrown is able to approach buyout opportunities through a completely discernible lens with an over weighted focus on value.

Differentiated from traditional Independent Sponsor models, BlackCrown seeks to leverage it's portfolio companies to bring key synergies to target companies. We operate on a deal by deal basis, leveraging our CEO networks and executive management teams. This gives us a breadth of coverage without mandated pressures to “find a transaction” and potentially transact for the sake of putting capital to work.

Aligned: Independent Sponsor Model + LP Interest

aligned inteest .jpg

We view the independent sponsor model as the ideal setup for LPs seeking to generate substantial alpha on a risk adjusted basis. As an independent sponsor, we are naturally dedicated value buyers with a expansive focus on corporate management, operations & industry strategy. As such, we are most aligned with our LP relationships, even including traditional private equity firms seeking to leverage our insights to gain proprietary buyout opportunities.